• As combat veterans after our tour of duty, if you are reading this, you and I came “Home.” The only thing about coming “Home” is “Home” doesn’t quite feel the same. Our experience, perhaps, is home has changed in some way, or for sure I have.  For me I did not fit in like I use to. People said they could “understand” what I went through but……. how could they.

    Oh, I survived and I did well in some areas for sure, for the most part.  However, there were experiences and feelings I knew I was still carrying around.  In my time they called it “Shell Shocked.” They call it something different now. I saw doctors and I got what they said.  I even understood it.  But knowing why I felt the way I felt and understanding why I experience things the way I do, made no difference.  It still impacted me.  Even the drugs they gave me just covered it up but it was still there. Then I did this program that completely altered my life.  I was finally completely “Home”.  I was at peace and empowered to create my life free from the constraints of the past.

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  • I went to the course thinking I knew what I wanted to talk about, however we uncovered a much more powerful thing to look at in regards to my service and how it impacted me. When I saw what was really behind my anger, I was free and able to be there for my family unlike ever before. Thanks Jan


  • I highly recommend this course to anyone who has any doubts, considerations, or questions about whether being in the military was the right choice. After just 1 day with Jan I am happier, healthier and ready for what life throws at me next with intrigue and power!

    Alexander J. Simons

  • This workshop is designed especially for you, Combat Veterans. It is free of charge and it is priceless. The intention and promise of this workshop is: To leave Veterans free from the past, fully self-expressed, empowered, at peace and “Home” at last.